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    Yep. This is “the list”, our almost-famous collection of free and inexpensive e-books (with a few others sprinkled in for good measure) that the Noodle serves up fresh daily – just for you! Many of them are only free or reduced for a limited time, so if you see one you want, be sure to grab it!

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  • Free E-Book Hotlinks
  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/free/
    This is our popular, ever-growing resource of where you can find free e-books online for all of the popular e-readers. We’re also working on an even more amazing and comprehensive guide available as – what else – an e-book!

    UPDATE: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Free and Inexpensive E-Books for your Kindle is now available on Amazon. Check it out!

  • Interactive Forums
  • NEW! These are brand new, so make sure you hop on and help us get started!

  • Book Reviews
  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/book-reviews/
    Watch this spot for exclusive book reviews, directly from the Noodle’s… er, noodle – and from a few other friends as well. We’ve got a couple cooking in the oven for you as we speak.

  • e-Readers
  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/ereaders/
    We’re putting together a snazzy little guide to all of the popular e-readers out there to help you make the most informed decision possible. Right now, there are links to the more famous ones so you can check out reviews by lots of other folks. :)

  • Authors and Publishers
  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/authors-and-publishers/
    Authors and publishers, the Noodle has a special section just for you! Our main A&P page is where you can contact us with deal alerts or to request a book review.

    Our growing Resources page has information you need on getting your e-book designed, financed, and published, as well as where you can connect with readers and get your work reviewed.

    And our Contests and Awards page will help you find out where and how you can submit your book for accolades. (We’re still working on these, so your patience is appreciated.)

    We do require authors to take the True Review Pledge before we will review your book or post it to our deals list.

    True Review Pledge Badge

    Take the Pledge and get your own badge – it’s FREE!

  • Awesomesauce
  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/awesomesauce/
    Need a little awesomesauce to go along with all of this noodly goodness? We’ve got you covered! This is where we feature different folks who are worth getting to know.

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  • http://zwoodlebooks.com/contact/
    We’re pretty sure you can figure this one out on your own. (The Noodle knows you’re smart!) Just let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

Cooking in the Kitchen
Here is some more noodly goodness that’s coming your way!

  • A comprehensive “free e-books” e-book!Now on the menu!
  • Interactive forums
  • Author/book websites – Coming late Q1 or early Q2 through Bookadilly!
  • In-depth book promotions
  • Zwoodle Books-sponsored contests – A short story/anthology contest is coming Q3 or Q4.
  • Zwoodle Books publishing imprint
  • And more! (Naturally.)

Want a little more? Here you go…

The Noodle? What the heck do noodles have to do with books?
Nothing, other than the Noodle likes to read – something that takes a LOT of dedication when you don’t have appendages. :)

Awesome. I like noodles. And I like to read. How can I get more of you?
Umm… You can follow the Noodle on Twitter, subscribe to our blog on Amazon, or (platonically) give us your e-mail. –>

How much do you charge for book promotion?
Right now, we don’t charge anything. We mainly want to function as a service to connect readers to awesome books and authors to all those awesome readers. We do, however, usually require a rating of at least 4/5 stars for most books.

And you do reviews?
We’re working on some right now. :)

Can I write reviews for you?
Maybe! We are always looking for good, volunteers readers who are willing to write reviews in exchange for a free book. Sound like you? You can apply here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for including my book on your website and twitter! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you are all safe, dry and away from Hurricane Sandy.

    Take Care,

    E.M. Marz

    1. You bet! :) And thanks for the well wishes. We’re on the opposite side of the country, but we do worry for everyone there!

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