The Noodle? What the heck do noodles have to do with books?
Nothing, other than the Noodle likes to read – something that takes a LOT of dedication when you don’t have appendages. 🙂

Awesome. I like noodles. And I like to read. How can I get more of you?
Umm… You can follow the Noodle on Twitter, subscribe to our blog on Amazon, or (platonically) give us your e-mail. –>

How much do you charge for book promotion?
Right now, we don’t charge anything. We mainly want to function as a service to connect readers to awesome books and authors to all those awesome readers. We do, however, usually require a rating of at least 4/5 stars for most books.

And you do reviews?

We’re working on some right now. 🙂

Can I write reviews for you?
Maybe! We are always looking for good, volunteers readers who are willing to write reviews in exchange for a free book. Sound like you? You can apply here.