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We love books, and we love sharing them! We are happy to help promote quality work through book reviews and free/deal notices. We currently have four volunteer reviewers on staff with a variety of interests.

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14 thoughts on “Authors and Publishers

  1. Anybody remember “Steal This Book” by Abby Hoffman? Now that there are so many ways for authors to give their work away for free, internationally, Hoffman’s title is not very funny anymore. I got on this site from a list provided by a blogger. It was supposed to be a list of free promotional opportunities for aspiring authors. Instead, it was a list of places to give away your novel for free. Go figure. “Times they are a changin’…: and I just don’t understand anymore. If I give away Rarity from the Hollow today, why would somebody that takes it want to read it? It was free so it must not be worth much. If a few people do read it, why would they want to buy the next one I write if they can get a free story from another writer? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    1. Hi Robert!

      I can see why that might be confusing. We are living in a time where the market it oversaturated with books, and it’s important to 1. make your work stand out and 2. market it.

      Many people choose to offer their book free for a limited time in order to gain new exposure. Not only can this increase your sales rank for Amazon (and other places, if you are selling there), which alone can give you more exposure, it’s also a great way to get reviews from people, which are essential for your book’s success.

      It’s true that some people will not value something they get for free, but many do.

      As to why they would pay to buy another of your books when they can get a different one for free, well, if you write quality work, people will want to come back for more. Just because they can get a story or book for free somewhere else doesn’t mean it’s any good. Most readers are more than happy to support writers they enjoy.

      Whether this marketing strategy is for you or not is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. But a lot of people find success with it. :)

    2. Hi Robert,
      Congrats on your book! I hope it does well.
      Giving away books can be an important tool in the process of selling books. A couple of years ago, I could make a book free for a few days, promote it all over the place, and reach 15,000 to 30,000 people. Many of those people were probably just collectors who never opened the thing. Some might have read it and then went on to the next free book. But some people left reviews. Other people told their friends or posted about my book on their blogs. Once I had multiple titles out there, some people went on to buy all my books and became loyal fans. On the heels of a free promotion, my book would rise on the lists and more people would be exposed to it. Giving away 15,000 books would lead to selling 800 in the following month. It might seem like a lot of lost customers, but the alternative would have been selling maybe 50 to the few handfuls of people who stumbled on my work.
      What I do now is slightly different. I have one book that is “perma-free”. I give away between 100 and 200 copies a day of that book, and have been for quite a while. In fact, it has been in the top 500 free books on for months. The point is that I consistently sell the sequel to people who wouldn’t have otherwise heard of me.
      For other books, I give them away free to my mailing list, and put them at $0.99 when they debut. I want as many people as possible to find my books and become fans.
      Free books are the way that avid readers find new authors .They’re worth more than posters, ads, trailers, and readings. Free books are the most convincing way to earn their trust. To capitalize on that free press, you have to keep turning out new books–a lot of them.
      Good luck!

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